Black 2.0 & LIT Infinity Loop Painting

So this painting I did today using Black 2.0 the worlds darkest black paint & LIT the paint with the highest glow factor of any other paint. It glows so much I think it might have radioactive elements secreted in it. The pattern is an Infinity Loop this is for sale. PM me if you want to know more.

Tiger Painting

This is my new painting of a tiger that I started 4 days ago. It’s made using Acrylic paints and has a number of paining styles used to create it. I am happy with the overall effect as it was fun to do. There are some small areas that I would like to make improvements too as well as add whiskers when I decide how I best do this. It has given me much  inspiration and I am bursting to do more, so let me know what you all think and I will post any others I do online.

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