Black 2.0 & LIT Infinity Loop Painting

So this painting I did today using Black 2.0 the worlds darkest black paint & LIT the paint with the highest glow factor of any other paint. It glows so much I think it might have radioactive elements secreted in it. The pattern is an Infinity Loop this is for sale. PM me if you want to know more.

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Tiger Painting

This is my new painting of a tiger that I started 4 days ago. It’s made using Acrylic paints and has a number of paining styles used to create it. I am happy with the overall effect as it was fun to do. There are some small areas that I would like to make improvements too as well as add whiskers when I decide how I best do this. It has given me much  […]

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My Handmade Silver Sunglasses

I finished these 3 weeks ago but only just finished buffing them to a high shine. Last year I wanted to start a new project so I decided as I have always wanted to make some Sunglasses out of Silver I would give that a go. I got the materials together, then got and Oxy Acetylene torch, solder, acid and fire proof boards and other kit needed to weld Silver. After some experience over […]

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