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Sportsmanship 2.0

With many advances in modern Micro technology how can we advance and protect sportsmanship! What can be done now to protect real sports played in the parks, woodland, clubs across the country and around the world to ensure clean competition. For example, I have come up with a plausible concept using cutting edge but available technology that will soon come together in a configuration as I will now describe. Available today is wearable technology, […]

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A New Website for the Holdaway Family

“The overall structure of this website is my very personal biography which I have heavily illustrated throughout with family photographs and relates my memories from a child to the present day. Into this I have woven family trees and have included as a supplement a large collection of family trees including many of subsidiary members of the family. As the biography proceeds we meet up with the people who have played significant or passing […]

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Emailer template design using HTML and Photoshop

I am not putting myself forward as any major authority on the subject of email templates it is just that I have been making these for a few years and you may find these tips and tricks useful. This blog has been put together to help you design and online email template. I will make the files to construct this template available to you in the next few blogs. If you has any comments […]

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