White Mark Bowmen Website

I have recently re-designed and developed the White Mark Bowmen Website from the ground up. It was badly in need of a revamp and I was happy to offer my services to the club.

White Mark Bowmen

It has all the normal parts to an information website that you would expect to find as well as protected members area and private committee members section added.

I have set up all the related Google information for SEO such as location and details on google. As well as linked in social media and MailChimp for registration and (skinned) bespoke newsletters for the club members to read.

Online Forms and shooting registration has been added but will be expanded more when PayPal payments is added as we are waiting on the banks OK to proceed first.

I have had really good feedback from the club and will be developing it more as the needs and expectations change.

Please check it out and let me know your feedback