My Handmade Silver Sunglasses

I finished these 3 weeks ago but only just finished buffing them to a high shine.

Last year I wanted to start a new project so I decided as I have always wanted to make some Sunglasses out of Silver I would give that a go.

I got the materials together, then got and Oxy Acetylene torch, solder, acid and fire proof boards and other kit needed to weld Silver.

After some experience over 20 years ago I had to relearn the soldering techniques that was a lot harder than I remembered as silver has a much lower melting point, and was quick to turn liquid.

I bought on eBay a vintage pair old Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses that I like the shape of and cut off the old frames. I then used the old frame as a template for the new glasses and started to hole out the frame and weld the hole thing together.

The clasp that holds the lenses in place has to be cold as to heat seal it will shatter the glass. But the hinge on the arms has to be welded so fixing the lens in place has do be the very last thin to do.

I am reasonable pleased with the final results and will have a big head start on my next pair, I may continue to upcycle old frames but I could try some new ones to as I really like RayBans new range. But I intend to ad a twist to the next set or I may even go goggles.

If any of you wish to commission me to do some glasses for yourself or a loved one as a gift I would be happy to talk further so please get in contact.

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