Sportsmanship 2.0


With many advances in modern Micro technology how can we advance and protect sportsmanship! What can be done now to protect real sports played in the parks, woodland, clubs across the country and around the world to ensure clean competition.

For example, I have come up with a plausible concept using cutting edge but available technology that will soon come together in a configuration as I will now describe.


Available today is wearable technology, you might have seen a recent Gadget Show about biometric health devices, still in an early phase but is already attracting millions in development. As a huge area of growth and potential business avenues.

My concept is a wearable, programmable circuit applied directly to the skin. This has the sole purpose of providing feedback through vibration to achieve a predetermined position in my arm and hand. This on the scale of achievable concepts is fairly basic seeing what developments are already hitting the market today. With the addition of an accelerometer or similar device you will be able to pre program many body positions or correct imperfections to a stance or swing during any activity such as sports.

It’s possible to print out circuitry using a 3D printer using an Electric Paint to make (at present) fairly rudimentary computer that can be worn directly on the skin. Applied as a semi permanent tattoo or patch. I have an image from CNET of just this tech in use.

These I am unaware are yet able for complex programming but it will not be long till they are. Its not implausible that a hand muscle or nerve can tell the wearer when they have reached the desirable position. This leads me to think that it would not just useful on my arm any part of the body could be potential real-state for this tech.

paint_1 copy

I am an Archer as some of you may know and its all about reputation as is a lot of many skilled sports. It not out the realms of possibility for anyone to access devices like this in the near future. With open-source and /or a limited skill, it will eventually boil down money. Move just a little forward in time, you may be able to program your muscles to respond using electrical current and remove the need for muscle memory attained from years of practice and hard work, not my idea of fair play.

Invisible to the other competitors, how would anyone know that the person next them was a tech clean athlete. The laws / rules of my sport state that the bow can’t have any electronics attached, nothing about the archer (yet) but this depends on your chose of category or bow class.

Now, I am not saying that any of these kinds of advancement are bad for mankind, as I am quite sure they are intended for the rich, errr sorry I meant to say people lucky enough to fall within a curtain treatment postcode, errrr sorry again I am very cynical sometimes. I am though hopeful this new tech will / could improve the lives of many, as part a wider medical toolbox for aiding limb damage repair, ligament tissue or help cheat the re-learning processes after a massive trauma or injury to the head and spinal column. Think Cyberpunks

But to what end, where will the lines be drawn for competitive sport, you might only look Bradley Wiggins or this latest hidden motor in cycling at a not that recent competition to see it’s starting in earnest.

I am looking for a positive spin or conclusion to this article as you might feel this is way off but I tell you its not that far away. I am yet come to a good conclusion that all sports need to immediate add a rule excluding this technology can be used without being first disclosed. And punitive fines, even at amateur sports level to discourage cheating. It seems to be in the nature of many to cheat as it seem all to easy to do so.

I very much hope I am wrong and I am sure that the nature of sportsmanship will prevail in the end. Please let me know what you think



Electric Paint

The Printer


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